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July 22nd, 2011



In our personal lives, we deserve to be appreciated for who and what we are.

In business, we offer a face, product, service to the world- and those who ‘get and love’ what we do engage in a relationship, a trade, or an agreement of trades where both party’s  needs are fulfilled.

It is expected in business to be prepared to pay the appropriate fee for what you want and recognize when the cost is more than you have the ability to cover.

Applying business logic to relationships helps us identify the toxic ones.

This excerpt comes from , a good read for your business and a offers a pretty solid personal-check.

Mutual Trust

There are three components of trust:

  • Honesty: telling the truth
  • Safety: an ability to voice ideas an opinions without fear of ridicule or rejection
  • Dependability: knowing others will accomplish the tasks assigned to them

Trust levels are always in flux, but are built up by “showing respect to others, doing what we commit ourselves to do, being honest and forthright in our dealing, and by not playing politics.” Trust is not a replacement for accountability – others must still be held accountable in order to protect against miscommunication or flawed expectations.

(end excerpt)

Are you being valued and compensated for what you give and offer with the appropriate amounts of appreciation and respect in your personal relationships- or just your business ones?

Even harder to recognize, are you honestly giving those that you love personally what they have asked for or need to thrive?

Take a minute today to look at all the relationships in your life from both sides.

A few moments of real reflection will tell the tale!

I hope you find love and light at work and at home!

In Personal & Business Lives

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