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ITS Cardinal Technologies; intelligent design for applications, functions, and optics to recreate existing manually business processes into automated formats.

itscardinal reviews management-01-01We use intelligent design in custom technology builds of all types of apps (applications), forms, and notification processes to recreate existing manual business processes into automated formats, relieving staff and optimizing timely response to reviews and communications.

We build custom intelligent technologies that simplify and automate processes and procedural communications to  increase efficacy of time and resources invested by the clients we represent.

Our current list of technologies available for modification into any wordpress website are responsive and allow for real-time email notifications and conditional logic options are:

ITS Reviews: Automatic api pull of reviews from across the web into your website for management/and/or agency review and action before pushing live to your website; currently including facebook, google, and yelp.

Association Link and Credibility Bar: Uses both logo images and live links in your website to show your audience who you associate with and provide assets to your associated brands/customers/trusted resources.

Appointment Requests: Using conditional logic to move users through the least amount of questions needed to gather information needed for each user experience.

Surveys: Automating satisfaction surveys via email and website capture forms and questionnaires to keep ahead of any possible negative reviews before they happen.

Gift Certificates: Offer gift certificates with balance tracking and account support for your e-commerce shopping cart.

Shipping Logistics and Shipping Label Services: Automate your shopping cart check-out shipping options to save time and money.

Shopping Cart Management: Integrations and easy interface custom mapping for e-commerce shopping carts and inventory.

Special Membership Access Accounts: Offer special credentialed access through your website to secret or internal documents, the most updated communications, memos, articles and flyers to patients and/or clients and/or sales team members and/or partners to access in real time.

Sign-Up: Offer a secure online sign-up process with notification emails.

Database Management: Capture data and/or accounts with common traits in groups/categories for easy ongoing communications and managing credentials and access.

How To Apps: Walk your audience through a set-up or onboarding process step by step in an easy graphic and short text ‘how-to’ custom app.

Video Hosting & Integration: Add your videos to any place or space on the web with ease and conformity, make updates without losing the url/seo value.

Custom apps to automate or support almost anything you do manually at this time.

We strive to help small to mid-sized businesses expand their reach and scale growth painlessly and with professional representation in best practice on the web and in the community.

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