Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, what is all the hype about?

To be found in search engines competitively, you must optimize.
We offer organic search engine optimization for the strength and longevity of your brand.

In keyword optimization, best practice comes first, beginning with the layout and form of the site.

We take our client’s through a real discovery period. We often find that what the company thought was a valuable keyword, isn’t even ranking in search results. Once we have a good understanding of the company AND their competitors, we start the research into competitive keywords.

Next, we develop a plan and strategy to compete within the allotted budget. Organic SEO can take a long time to build. It is worth it. We supplement SEO efforts with adwords (PPC) when it is appropriate.

When we are ready to write or edit the copy for the site, we keep it tasteful, useful, meaningful, and representative of the brand- while also performing for the keywords.

Indexing of images, alt tags, meta descriptions, link-building, guest blogging, and blogging are additional methods employed in our SEO efforts.

Time and best practice are the essences of SEO and rich content persistence wins the race with organic optimization. Paid advertising (adwords or PPC) can support this effort nicely and bridge the gap of waiting for the natural results to pick up.

To note: If someone is promising specific results, especially ‘quick specific results’- they are not working in white hat practices. Playing dumb doesn’t fly with google and if you have someone in bad practice working on your brand, you are endangering your brand, your domain, and all the other efforts and monetary contributions you have employed. Being blacklisted by a search engine is not something you recover from easily.

Secondarily, many people call themselves SEO specialists. We’ve seen clients who have spent money with other ‘SEO companies’ for years… and they are getting 5 hits a day to their site and the errors on the site against best practice are ridiculous. Don’t hire an SEO person who speaks to your SEO knowledge level.  Hire someone who ‘gets it’ even if that means you don’t…

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  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Optimized On-Site Copy
  • Off-Site Content & Link Building
  • Business Listings & Analytics



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