Corporate Branding

What does your brand really say?

Is it putting off the signals you intend, or just holding space?
Is it memorable? Does it make sense- and do you feel empowered by it?
If you aren’t sure- your audience isn’t either.

Your brand is the complete sum of the look, culture, and communication you put out to represent your company or organization to the public. Your brand is more than just a graphic or an idea, it’s the collective attributes people gather when they experience your materials, products, or services.

Your brand represents your connectivity to the world.

Let’s be serious for a moment.
For those who say they don’t believe in spending good money on branding: Look around you and ask yourself what your favorite products, services, and non-profits have in common? For most, the answer is the way you feel when you experience them. You identify with them, you appreciate them, you get them. They make sense to you and they become part of your life experience. And- when you have to deviate to use others of likely the same quality, ability, outcome- but with a lesser understood or known image, name, motto, or tagline- the truth is you feel a little bit that you have settled.

Branding is powerful, emotional, connective, clear, and feels safe.  Branding is valuable.

If yours isn’t most or all of those things- you don’t have a brand. You have a logo, an idea, or an organization.

We can fix this!

Logos, taglines, materials, mission statements, purposes, communications, mottoes, visions make up your brand. Your brand is up to you to create and maintain, and it is what the world will judge you by.
Be careful with it. It works either for or against you.

We offer best practice approaches to designs, taglines, and marketing communications that will be the fundamental pieces of your public growth.

We’ll help you develop the best of who and what you are so you can show the world with confidence.

Does your brand currently say what you want the world to hear?

Give us a call to set an initial consultation.

  • Logos and Designs
  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Corporate Culture
  • Collateral Development

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