A quick thought about Taglines

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June 29th, 2011


Everyone can’t use Nike’s “Just Do It” but if you’re looking for a good tagline you can absolutely use Nike’s approach to what a good tagline does.

Spending some time reflecting on what your brand, organization or product really means to the consumers you are trying to reach is key. Picture your target audience. Who are they and what are they seeking emotionally when they are considering your brand or service?

You can find novels of advice online these days for the ‘best taglines’ and plenty of  web 2.0 talk about graphic representations replacing the need for taglines in some businesses.

The simple truth is that each business should approach a tagline as a means to capturing their target audiences attention, in hopes of keeping it. There is no simple rule or a complete right or wrong way to consider it.

Taglines are only as useful as they are able to represent what you want people to know about your brand in one line or phrase.

As with Nike, when I see or hear the words ‘just do it’ my mind plays back images of the check mark logo and lots of fit people powering through their workouts. Nike has done a consistent and excellent job for many years establishing their brand and utilizing a broad tagline that has the ability to evict emotion.

Usually with taglines, less is more.  Creating a feeling in a tag is a good idea. Taglines are not meant to relate to every human, or tell exactly what you do.  They are meant to identify and connect; a bridge built by words that connect the brand to their ideal and specific audience.

The person best-suited to come up with your tagline is usually someone who takes the time to focus on your past, current and future (hopeful) audiences.

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