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Consumers Support Causes

Consumers Support CausesSeptember 22, 2010

Last week the Environmental Leader, an e-zine, published some shocking numbers about what consumers want.

The reported values come from the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study which we feel is not only deeply interesting, but also extremely relevant.  As we prepare to launch a nationwide Facebook Application that offers businesses and merchants a way to connect their business practices with their social networks and their favorite causes simultaneously, we are particularly thrilled with the findings.

The article at the Environmental Leader link above is worth the read. We won’t try to re-write their article, but will post some of the findings below for your quick reference along with how it’s relative to Buycasts.

A whopping 83% of consumers want to buy from companies who support a cause.

81% believe that during economic downturn companies should still support causes (and at the same level).

88% say it’s acceptable to market your services by associating yourself with a cause…

and get this-  80% are willing to switch brands or services to one that supports a cause!

These statistics should come as great news to those attempting to launch new businesses, businesses with low marketing budgets, and those quality companies who give back to the communities that support them.  This outlook levels the playing field and broadens opportunities for those willing to operate their business in-line with the personal values of their clients.

“Cause branding is a prime opportunity for companies to extend beyond their traditional market and increase exposure to potential new consumers,” says Alison DaSilva, executive vice president at Cone.

The only downer we could find here may be for the fat cats, sitting happy on the business they built yesterday, who stand to give up market share to the savvy and up-and-coming businesses that give back. That is, if they don’t get with the program.

These findings couldn’t be released at a better time for Buycasts.

Buycasts has been in the works for over two years and is preparing to launch, so we feel blessed and amazed to have the most-perfect product release timing and to be such an integral part of an idea who’s time has come… back?

Our founder, Tony Meggs,  likens the Buycasts’ signature purpose of  ”joining social networks to businesses & charitable causes” to the way our grandparents made purchase decisions.  “Often called the Greatest Generation, they built America through small businesses and large values.  Buycasts is a Web 2.0 throwback, you could say, to a time when everyone agreed that who they bought from mattered.”, says Tony.

Appropriately, our tag line is “Who You Buy From Matters”.

There will never be a better time to join the Buycasts Networks on FacebookLinked-In and follow us on Twitter.  Network with like-minded community members and support what matters to you.  The freedom to connect on multiple levels and be warm with the public, sharing hopes and driving appropriate community action with the consolidated support of your clients and their social networks is here.

Take your business relationships to another level and ensure the long-term support of your clients and fans by making a difference.  The overwhelming majority are asking for it!

Whether you operate in a local area, regionally or nationally, the Buycasts Network has you covered and we look forward to supporting the greater good together!

*authored by Beth McKenzie, credit for quote from Cone EVP given to Environmental Leader


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