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Calling All Social Media Thought Leaders

Calling All Social Media Thought LeadersNovember 19, 2010

WELCOME, to the Buycasts


Buycasts is a relationship and community-building application integrated into the Facebook platform. The motivation of Facebook users, embracing how Buycasts can improve their networking and purchasing experiences while supporting the Greater Good, fuels the revolution.  We know there’s only one way to reach and educate the Facebook community… through influential people with innovation in their hearts and spirits.

Those involved in Buycasts’ Leaders’ Launch on Facebook will be early adopters, implementing cause branding on the most widely accepted and used social network in the world, adding another level of experience to their resume in the fast-paced world of social media and small business consultation.

We’re looking for you, leaders

Buycasts empowers consumers, enriches charitable causes, and provides a way for loyal friends and small businesses to leverage their social influence to support the good and build stronger bonds in their own local communities. Merchants and the consumers they seek find ‘who and what’ they have in common socially by being members of Buycasts.  Being integrated into the Facebook platform allows Buycasts to be accessible by the 150 million or so active Facebook users in the United States, in every community across the country. The implications arising from this type of bonded community suggest the best, most supported and trusted causes, merchants and leaders get consistently lifted up, and the community benefits as a result.

In the Buycasts application:

  • Merchants and businesses gain an avenue of cause-branding on Facebook that consumers are asking for. Reference 2010 Cone Evolution Study.
  • Consumers in the market to buy something get on-demand reviews, transparency, and deals from local Merchants known by friends when they ‘buycast’ or post a purchasing interest.
  • Charitable causes receive new awareness and fundraising opportunity on Facebook.
  • Details of activity in Buycasts show up in the valuable and sought-after Facebook News Feed space, promoting the businesses and causes a consumer believes in to everyone on Facebook.

(Access into Buycasts is free and open to anyone with a Facebook account.) 

The current landscape provides a rich opportunity for the growth and awareness of community-building applications. People on social media are buzzing about where to find good deals and who has good business practices while concerns continue to rise about small community businesses closing doors and putting good people out of jobs. Advocates are speaking out for causes and consumers are stepping up to say they want to do business with people and companies who give back. Buycasts offers solutions.

Do you believe in the greater good, have influence and an audience? Do you find interest in the social and economic impact of Buycasts?  

  We are officially extending an invitation to take part in our ‘Leaders’ Launch’ on Facebook, nationwide.

What do we expect from our Leaders?

  1. Agree to participate in our ’Leader’s Launch’.
  2. Take an active role by spreading the word via Facebook, email and any other means you personally possess. Educate your friends, merchants / business owners, and any charitable causes you have affiliations with on the benefits Buycasts offers them.
  3. Engage and keep in contact with us while expanding your professional networks through joining us on Linked-In, Twitter, and reading our Buycasts’ blog.
  4. Share your good ideas and real-life scenarios of how Buycasts is affecting people in your individual areas of the country.  Those submitting testimonial stories with positive outcomes from utilizing Buycasts will be featured in the Buycasts’ corporate blog.

What we are offering our Leaders?

  1. Materials.  Access the ‘Leaders’ Launch Kit’ containing Buycasts materials with outlined purposes and uses. This kit contains everything you need to clearly and simply articulate the value of Buycasts to any audience. Those who hold seminars will find enough content to add a segment or write about cause branding and innovative business options in social media.  Also included are: graphics in high-resolution with ideas of how to utilize and where the materials are applicable. It’s up to you to choose how to combine and use the materials for your audience.
  2. A Valuable Deal to help you promote. During the Leaders’ Launch period, all new Merchants are automatically upgraded from our (always) free, Basic Merchant Account to a Premium Merchant AccountFree for Life (or as long as they hold the account open and active), which offers referral tracking and the ability to create coupons or promotions in Buycasts, a $9.95/month value. It’s a great time to have your friends list their businesses and sign up!
  3. Plugs Across Social Media for your efforts. When you keep us informed of your progress, we will give a shout-out and support you through social media!
  4. Press for the *Top 100 Influencers of the ‘Leaders’ Launch’.  A nationwide press release with the results of ‘Leaders’ Launch’, followed by individual releases in the respective communities of our Top 100. Also posted across the Buycasts’ networks online, detailing you as one of the top influencers, outlining your overall contribution, how it’s affecting your community, the value of supporting what you believe in through commerce, and how social media plays a role.
  5. Certificate of Involvement as an influential leader in the Buycasts’ Leaders’ Launch, establishing you as a hands-on expert in the social media applications of cause branding and community support on Facebook.

If you would like to take an official place in our Leaders’ Launch or learn more,email and request your Leaders’ Launch Kit*.

The Buycasts’ Launch Team will be working with you, building the nationwide network!

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”, american author on personal success, Napoleon Hill.

“Who You Buy From and Network With Matters!”


*The Leaders’ Launch Kit is Free. Participation in the Leaders’ Launch is Free. By requesting the Leaders’ Launch Kit, you are not committing to anything.

* The Top 100 influencers will be determined by who influences the most Facebook members, directly or indirectly, to become Buycasts Members during the Leaders’ Launch period. The Leaders’ Launch period officially starts Nov. 15, 2010 and ends Jan. 15, 2011, 11:59pm EST.  As relates to the Leaders’ Launch, directly or indirectly is defined as: Your Facebook friends and their friends on Facebook. For example: Please keep in mind:

We only track 2 levels out for influence in the Leaders’ Launch. Overlapping is common with social networking and is expected. This does not change an influencer’s total count, as we are looking for overall reach. Not everyone will start building their network at the same time. We do not imply fairness to every person interested, as we do not control how people choose to launch and promote Buycasts and do not guarantee when or if we will gain contact with those wishing to be identified as Leaders.  Those beginning now would seem to have an advantage, though not necessarily. The purpose of the Buycasts Leaders’ Launch is long-term community building. We are offering good-will, publication of successes, training materials and experience in this new market for those willing to make an impact with us.

Email to get started!

Go to  to enable the app and  www.Buycasts.comto learn more about how Buycasts affects communities. While there, bookmark us in all your favorite places online.


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